The Sunset, The Sunrise

The sun sets and rises on your own little town

And something sad and beige settles over me

Hungover for no reason other than drinking too much unknowable future

The sun sets and rises over your own little cottage

And then there’s slamming doors and yelled things

Things which cannot be unheard, only denied

A baby crying, expressing the inexpressible

The sepsis that will last forever, a virus dormant in the bones

The sun sets and rises and sets and rises again

You wake me up to dream just when I fell asleep and had forgotten about you

Le soleil se couche et se lève sur mon petit coin du monde


You’ve met me somewhere in Montreal. Perhaps I took your picture! Please send me a message to say hi, or get a copy.

Vous m’avez rencontré quelque part à Montréal. Peut-être que j’ai pris ta photo ! Veuillez m’envoyer un message pour me dire bonjour ou en obtenir une copie.