Old in a Young Place

See yourself via
that cast shadow on the sidewalk:
Stretched and distorted
But only on bright days
The rest of the weather
You’re dim and foggy
A notion of the weather itself

Passing windows
A Pepper’s Ghost
Floating over shoes and mannequins
Couples together obliviously
Teleported away by phones

I should do something about this beard
But under it is a baby face…
A fat baby heart presents other problems

During an Otis Redding tune
Jesus or some vegan sits across from me
“Dude! Way to feel sorry for yourself on Easter. Go get reborn. Or at least move your car. You could be sitting on a bench, taking a break from cooking, vaping and on your phone. The steam streaming from your nose and mouth, pulled and dismembered by the wind down the street.”

No, dude. You’re wrong. I’m fine. You’re the one who died because your family makes everything convoluted and dumb. All that’s needed is “I’m sorry” and “You’re forgiven.” There’s no need to suffocate and bleed out on a cross when everyone forgets eventually.


You’ve met me somewhere in Montreal. Perhaps I took your picture! Please send me a message to say hi, or get a copy.

Vous m’avez rencontré quelque part à Montréal. Peut-être que j’ai pris ta photo ! Veuillez m’envoyer un message pour me dire bonjour ou en obtenir une copie.