Jasmine in the dark

Jasmine at night
To follow to where you will be
Through a wakeful darkness
Alive all around you

The little shop on the street
The street itself
The blocks surrounding
The neighborhood
And the city itself
Were they ever really here?
Were you really ever there?

It doesn’t matter

It’s the step behind you on a staircase that only goes up
To look back is to lose:
Everything ahead and Eurydice behind

Jasmine at night
Is the smell of the answers
In the air of the questions
It makes sense but not sense

The therapist
The lawyers
Your heroes
And everyone before
Can’t tell you what to do
Don’t follow your knows

Unbearable bright light through the window
In Mexico City
You wake up
Puncho still sleeping
Slipperless you’re at the sill
A motorbike starts
’Til sunset and some hours after
You’ll see your next step


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