The Buildings

Montréal is a mishmash of styles, as are most cities, especially those in the “new world.” But MTL seems especially a mess.

There are structures going back 400 years, sections of the city that are very Western European, and then there are hulking brutalist monstrosities that are out of Eastern Europe during the cold war.

There are skyscrapers, although none are that tall because regulations prevent any building being higher than Mont Royal, which is about 233 meters (765 feet), keeping even the tallest building to less than 60 stories or so. Some of the taller buildings are gorgeous art deco designs, and some are conventional glass modernist towers. There are also a lot of very unusual modern buildings with angles and curves, and as cutting edge as anything you might see in New York or Chicago.

Montréal, at street level, can be dirty – not as dirty as NYC but pretty damn dirty. However, the buildings juxtaposed against the sky are a wonderful sight. The bluest sky I’ve ever seen is on a clear day here. I can’t help but look up.


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