Signage and Scraps

Delightful evidence of someone's existence.

I love cities because I love the evidence of human creativity, and not just the creativity expressed in art, but also in advertising and signage.

Perhaps especially in signage. From commercially printed things to homemade collaged posters, the weirder the better. The more graffitied the better. The more layered and aged the better.

Some might call photographs of someone else’s poster or mass produced bit of advertising not art. I would have to agree. I don’t think photos of someone else’s street art are art either. I don’t think portraits are art, at least I don’t think mine are.

These are all just delightful things. Evidence that someone made something and someone else saw it and thought it was cool enough.


You’ve met me somewhere in Montreal. Perhaps I took your picture! Please send me a message to say hi, or get a copy.

Vous m’avez rencontré quelque part à Montréal. Peut-être que j’ai pris ta photo ! Veuillez m’envoyer un message pour me dire bonjour ou en obtenir une copie.