En Hiver

En Hiver
With your lashes laying thick on the sill
And your sad eyes staring into my room

You ask: what do you think of sleeping alone?

I have always slept alone, I answer

No No, he tut tuts at me
While cracking a roadbed somewhere in Mile End
Not always
Think back
And if you can’t, I’ll do some magic

Then the wind rose a major 3rd
Clouds made multiple halos around the moon
A Peterbilt skidded into a Lexus, killing the family
And I wandered back

Across a plain or a parking lot
I couldn’t rightly tell
And held up by En Hiver’s big snow hands
I stared into a room
With my own sad eyes
We were there
Asleep on the bed like our tangled scarves and gloves on a chair and coats sharing hooks

Then he brought a power line down, causing a fire in a high rise

His tricks always have a bang ending

You’ll have to watch your footing tomorrow – I’m going to make things extra icy because of you not remembering! What’s the point of life if you forget it?

Here’s your correct answer:
You will always sleep alone

He stood up, dusted himself off, causing a blizzard
I like you more than I like most
So I’ll find you if you seek me out
Wherever the thermometer bends down


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