Dollar Oysters

I’m passing by
Passing passing passing
Windows with signs and prices
Prices and people murmuring
Murmuring behind the glass
Murmuring the rustle of curtain
Like leaves dry and hanging on
Long gone long gone
A murmuration of people from
One sidewalk then across
Then parting for a car
Passing passing passing
The snow in the air is tiny pin heads
Falling in all directions falling up
Falling down and sideways
Touching my face and melting
Til it looks like my skin has been crying
I’m the type of guy who secretly thinks
He should know more than everyone else
And always surprised when I don’t
I need to shut up more
Shut up shut up shut up
Passing passing passing
Invisible in my red scarf
Another hungry ghost
That remembers dollar oysters in
Another town another street
A murmuration of hungry ghosts
The pins of snow
The tingle of memory and cold
The sea in an oyster


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