Cinq Dimanche

I walked most of the morning, into the main city, from down my little hill.

At intersections
the signs are languid about changing

The jaunty little guy out for a stroll
turns to a flashing red hand and a countdown begins:
dix neuf huit sept 6 5 4 3…
À zero, the hand sits there.

No more counting or flashing.
No cars move. No one moves.
Everything stops

like the signal is flexing its power
at the microcosm of
Rue de Viger and Rue St Urbaine
It’s thinking: JE SUIS GOD!
The world! It starts and stops avec MON plaisir!

Or perhaps it’s dicking with us, a lazy bored
bureaucrate électronique: Oui oui…
You’ll go when I get around to it..

A Montréal, les piétons attendent le changement des signaleurs.

They wait; I walk.

I walk right through if there are no cars coming.

Sometimes the locals glance at me, scandalized when I ignore the lights.

Sometimes one or two follow, tasting forbidden fruit.

Now and then
when there’s a big group clotted up
behind some stealth dam of local propriety

I cross…

A couple people follow…

Then the rest of the groups spills along behind
following like a
bunch of baby ducks

The New Yorker leads!

But often people just cross whenever they want, ignoring lights or not
and not all all inspired by me

Ce dimanche, j’ai marché jusqu’au Café Melk
It is highly rated

So I jaywalked a bit
stopped the traffic politely
when the signal was as languid as anticipated
(Hey Claude! C’est encore ce type! Allons baiser avec lui!!)
and laughed about it with a couple from Toronto who also couldn’t figure out the point of standing there

Did one mama duck

Upset an older couple that clucked and shook their heads at me
Des poules dans la Grande Ville!

Café Melk had a line
And even though I’m going nowhere… why wait?


You’ve met me somewhere in Montreal. Perhaps I took your picture! Please send me a message to say hi, or get a copy.

Vous m’avez rencontré quelque part à Montréal. Peut-être que j’ai pris ta photo ! Veuillez m’envoyer un message pour me dire bonjour ou en obtenir une copie.