A Man with Flowers

In some very proper sweater
He was dressed to look the part
Of someone gentle

But clothes don’t maketh the man
The man unmakes the clothes
Bitten and wet with anger

Perched overlooking the corner
Peeking over the laptop
Watch the fools pass

He bumped into a homeless
Sending him sprawling
Simper and whine like an injured gull

He looks up with his eyes
No homeless guy should have eyes that blue
He thinks, what does he do with those eyes?

Does he meet women?
Deliver pitches and captivate?
Pass them on to kids?

There was much made of blinking
And standing up again
Without an actual apology

Let’s see 20 bucks ought to do it
But you can’t stand there like that
There are real people going somewhere

What a strange encounter

Later, in that alpha wave netherworld
This day sucked
a dry hump of a wet dream

He fell on ice in his bed
Spinning and spread
Like someone frisbee’d an octopus
Naked cold feet on the bathroom floor

There are so many mistakes to make
A house doesn’t mean you’re not homeless
The blue-eyed guy is down some alley near Park de la Presse
Peeing out $20 of some shit with a friend
They look at each other and laugh


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