Just Squeeze Our Montreal is a project by multidisciplinary artist Luke DeLalio. It's a documentation of time spent in the city, combining photography, writings and whatever else might happen.

I have no idea as to the final form of this stuff.  It is barely curated at this point. It goes up on the web as it shows up in my head..

The name: this is what happens when you dictate the phrase "Je suis à Montréal" into an iPhone set for English.

Luke is from New York. On a whim, he moved to Montréal, to an apartment in Vieux Port. 

He’s multidisciplinary, creating in fine art, music, theatre, photography, video, has written plays, published poetry blah blah blah blah blah. 

Luke’s work has appeared off-Broadway, in Time Out New York, the New York Times, galleries, the radio…. and he hates doing this “bio” thing so he is now going to stop.


You’ve met me somewhere in Montreal. Perhaps I took your picture! Please send me a message to say hi, or get a copy.

Vous m’avez rencontré quelque part à Montréal. Peut-être que j’ai pris ta photo ! Veuillez m’envoyer un message pour me dire bonjour ou en obtenir une copie.